Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to paint your outdoor shed

It’s important to know how to paint your outdoor shed correctly. Not only to increase the quality of your work, but also to protect it against the elements. Bellow you will find tips and the most important steps to help you do it.

Follow the steps:
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First of all, you need to clean the painting area. Use a brush to remove the dust, spider-webs or other rubbish that may affect the quality of your work. If necessary, you can wash it with a hose or a water pressured machine.

After let the shed drying sand wood imperfections and loose paint. This will unify the painting and ensure the new paint adhere better (and last longer).

Protect the parts you don’t want to paint, like windows. You can use old newspapers, for example.

Before start painting it’s important to apply wood treatment to protect it. Don’t forget to use gloves from now on because this kind of products may be harmful for your skin.

How to paint a shed
After the treatment dry, paint a primary coat. This will make the final result look better and also increase the wood protection. After waiting a couple hours you can apply the paint itself. As sheds are big structures is better to use a painting roller. However a small brush is also useful to paint spots the roller can’t, like corners.

To improve the final result, ensure you paint always in the same direction.

If after the first coat you notice that the result is not solid you can repeat and paint another coat, since you respect the first’s drying time.

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